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Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like I'm still sleeping.

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3... 2... 1... Go!
This is genius. Make a big radio with English buttons, and then write a manual for it in Russian!


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    Next one before I go sleep:
    - We haven't been in space
    in almost 20 years now, right?
    How do you feel about that?
    - I feel so honored to be one of the
    first to be going back after so long.
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    You know, you can plan life, but yet it doesn't mean it's gonna happen.
    You can, plan and plan and... plan and put something over here, and design something over here and put borders on this and that in life but it doesn't mean anything.
    Because you're not in control.
    Because nothing is guaranteed, nothing is secured in this world.
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    Space Cowboys?
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    Nope. Next:
    I've got a job for you Briggs.
    It's recently come to my attention that an object of grandest design has been discovered east of the Colorado basin.
    Given the undeniable truth that we here are on a collision course with destiny... neither I nor my men will be able to get witness to this object.
    Someone ought to see it.
    I reckon it should be you.
    The sole survivor of the 22nd Connecticut.
    Even one man alive is homage to the rest.
    Make regular notes of your journey Briggs.
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    - Captain Lee Briggs.
    - Sir?
    - Man of nine lives. Have you any idea of how many divisions have us pinned here?
    - No sir.
    - Let's just say, enough to make fate unfavorable.
    My mane is Lee James Miller son of Courtney and Michael Miller.
    I lost contact with mission control on July 7th 2039.
    I have remained in a perennial orbit for six years.
    My mission has long since been terminated and my daily routine has been based on stretching my life support systems.
    I've observed neither contact nor indication of any awareness of my current condition.
    It is with great sadness but determined resolution, that I must finally abandoned this post.
    Systems here, can no longer be depended on and I would rather faced the journey home than a slow, breathless, environment of failing O2.
    Well I have no idea what the circumstances are surrounding my abandonment.
    I would rather rest on Earth, than up here alone.
    I have come to terms with the fact that some things will forever remain a mystery.
    To whomever this message reaches, I leave it goodwill toward all.
    Captaine Lee James Miller.
    July 7th 2045.
    Journal of Captain Lee Briggs.
    Seventh infantry division.
    My personal thoughts and findings leading to our discovery.
    June 4th, 1864
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    - Hello Lee.
    Sorry I'm sending this message as recording, but to be honest, it's the best I can do right now.
    So, I kind of dare that I don't ever tell you this directly, but we had so shit
    going on down here that I... I don't even know where to begin.
    Even if I wanted to bring you out of orbit, I don't have the people to do it.
    Look, we're gonna need you to sit tight for a while.
    I'm sorry.
    I'm sorry.

    - I don't know what kind of transmission that was, and unless I'm mistaken we're nowhere near April.
    So I'm gonna need a confirmation of any sort of mission extension from you assholes!
    Look, I don't think it's funny, and if you guys are doing some type of stress experiments, or isolation test, well then you can stop now because... because I'm very isolated and very stressed!
    If the line is open enough for me to get a pre recorded message then I know you can hear me and I would appreciate knowing... what the hell is going on?
    This is ISS, do you copy?
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    Next one:
    They say, when you hear the sounds of devils, all else is quiet.
    My general question to that is:
    How do you know if what you are hearing is the work of such devious beings?
    I would venture to say that most devilish noises occur, when large numbers of men decide to force the hand of mortality upon one another.
    And I'd say further, that on such occasions, there is not just one sound, but many.
    It is a quiet orchestra of death.
    It is also possible that the man who wrote that saying might've just had some broken ears.

    + small picture tip.
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    Looks like a good movie- Can't say I've seen this one, but it's now on my list.
    Gotta love space movies

    (If nobody has gotten it after those pictures, you may want to choose another film to quote from)
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    Actually I got better idea. Since in last fight you told the title of the movie and I just name of the actor that was in it, you can take the ball :P

    The movie is called LOVE:

    PS. Don't watch YouTube version. Get DVD or something better with proper 5.1 or something like that sound.
    Tonight has been a wonderful experiment... of human contact.
    A symbiotic relationship between man and machine, and you.
    The human brain is capable of millions of connections.
    Each one is a memory, an event.
    Tonight should not be remembering by one, but by thousands of these relationships.
    As you leave here tonight, close you eyes and travel back to here, to now.
    And always remember that this was one moment, you were not alone, and you felt something that thousands of others have felt.
    And it was...
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