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My company head are looking to buy art packs to be used / so they can be retouched for the game they're currently developing... I'm in a position to put forward any art packs that are considered usable for our art dev team to save time with asset/texture creation without having to start from scratch so my first thought was to give back to this community and see what artists I can put forward through polycount before scouring through every ends of the internet or asset store alone.

If anyone here have any packs they've personally developed, have a friend's art pack they recommend or even just recommend a certain pack that they've used before... please do not hesitate to let me know.

The art style / theme / platform we're working with are as follows...

(The general art style flows in the direction of hand painted models. Non-hand painted are still considered as well but hand painted would be better preferred)

1. Japanese / ancient japanese style in...
- Foliage
- Buildings
- Trees / Rocks relevant to the style e.g. mossy rocks / bonsai trees, etc.

2. Textured Assets
- Lanterns, Bridges, Stone Paths, etc... anything relevant to ancient japanese environments...

3. Hand Painted Textures
- Grasses / Rocks / Lava / Ice / Etc

4. Rocks
- Flat diffuse / Hand painted
- 100-250 tris
We want as many variations as possible, the more random the better imo... My company are looking for whatever rocks they can find that suit the style so shove whatever ones you have in my direction and I'll review them when I get time to.


5. Can be purchased easily with no problems / complications... I will not be the person making the purchase so it goes through our producers, these guys aren't exactly that great at handling these things via email / skype or whatever either so our best option for payment is something acquirable through unity asset store or equivalent to it. Should there be anything that remarkable that really suits us then perhaps the producers will deviate and make a personal inquiry but again it will not involve me myself.

Once proposed I will make a review over which items are relevant and if any prove to be usable I will personally PM you.

Here's a concept image from Days of Dawn... as a proportionate reference...

The art style generally flows in the direction of this concept art for style / proportions... Since "hand painted and Japanese" is such a broad theme... I'm trying to narrow it down... although this isn't Japanese the proportions is what I'm mainly trying to get out of this concept for you guys.


Thanks a bunch everyone!



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