Weekly Anatomy Challenge - Week 4 [Leg]

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Jakub greentooth
I welcome you to the Weekly Anatomy Challenge!

There is a lot of people on the forum struggling with the complexity of the human body anatomy, including myself. Although, there is a huge amount of references that can be found over the internet, I think that nothing helps more than a help & criticism from fellow artists. If we spice it up with a little bit of a challenge, that might push us to work and study harder!

How it will work ?

Every week I will create a thread with a new challenge, picking up a certain part of the body in three different poses. Don't worry, we won't run out! There is a great deal of ideas that we might use, to make it more demanding with each week.

Who can participate ?

Everyone! I don't want to limit the challenge only to sculptors, so, together with the pose, I'll try to post references on which, people can also draw an ecorche - Scott Eaton style.

It is not a requirement to use Zbrush/Mudbox, you can always create mesh in Maya or any other program, as long as it's about anatomy and people can critique your work.


  • Always post the reference that you're using, it will make it easier for everyone else to critique your work
  • Please, try to post a critique on someone else work
  • Post the WIP of your study, you may spend a lot of time doing the final image and in the end you will learn that your basic shape is wrong
  • Have fun and learn! :)

Week 4 Theme

Leg - Two Poses - Relaxed and bent


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