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Hammer and Shield Warrior

polycounter lvl 11
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klown polycounter lvl 11
Continued from Feb character challenge, thought I would take a break from baking maps to make one them progress thread thingys!

Pushing to finish this guy, hopefully will use him as a UE4 refresher as well, will have to see how I feel once I'm finished :p

Using this guy as a way to learn Substance Painter, so far its worked out pretty well I think, once I got decent curvature maps and got my head around some layer and mask workflow I had quite a fun time messing around with the hammer and shield.

Image dump time!

Concept by Marko Djurdjevic

High Poly

All low poly stuff rendererrerererered in Toolbag

Low poly finished

Low poly with first pass skin, single colour map so far, nothing else.

Hammer and shield round 2 with Painter, rendered in toolbag:

H&S Wires

Looking forward to putting Painter to work again for the clothing textures, and also as a way of putting off figuring out how I'm going to do the beard, hair and certainly the fur :p also poly count is about 55k or so but Im not too concerned with that for this guy.

All the crits and comments are most welcome :)


  • Tangible
    He looks spot-on - the cloth in particular is amazing. Now, maybe I've got weird digits, but it looks like his fingers could be slightly longer, in comparison to the thumb. Looking forward to the beard :)
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    You're going to want to retopologize the fur a lot better. Lots of stretchy triangles, totally bad for animation. More even quads. This applies to the lower half of the body as well.

    Besides that, looks like it's baked pretty well! Still feels sharp and clean on the low poly.
  • apllana
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    apllana polycounter lvl 8
    The topology is very inconsistent. You want much cleaner edge loops on the lower back, fur, pants and knee straps which would allow for proper deformation. If you don't mind going back to sculpting, the clothing folds on the arm, boots and gloves look much better than the rest, which is something you might want to address.
  • klown
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    klown polycounter lvl 11
    Ah I should have mentioned, topology wasn't really a concern for me for this guy.. I know this isn't how you would do regular topo, and it certainly wont deform properly but my main focus was getting something done quick and decent ( LP model took just under a weekend to make and UV) and I'm satisfied with the results for what it is :)
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    I . . . I don't know. The quick LP definitely works, but if this gets posted in a portfolio, I could only imagine most strangers would say "Why does the torso look fine, but the bottom half of the body is a weird mess of triangles?"
  • Kamezis
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    Kamezis polycounter lvl 4
    This is going to be very cool, i dig your wip so far.

    As i can be a portfolio piece, i really encourage you to retopo the lower area.
    I know how boring this can sound, especially when you finish the retopo in your workflow.
    Even if you do zremesher everywhere, it can be worthy to think about it.
  • karytsukino
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    karytsukino greentooth
    Hey nice job! I really like your concept and you did a great job with sculpt and texture.
    Sorry I know that you might get tired of hearing this but I agree with them that you should consider make a retopo for the clothes.... Your character is getting awesome and this will help a lot to improve your job. But dont give up! You made a nice job so far... I cant wait to see all textured. :)
  • Cheeky_Pickle
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    Cheeky_Pickle polycounter lvl 7
    Looks fab so far! If it's not for your portfolio and just learning to use substance painter as you said + you know how to retopo. I don't see how it matters! :)
  • jhoythottle
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    jhoythottle polycounter lvl 7
    this looks great so far. I hope you complete it to the end. The only thing that's really bugging me is that painted emblem on the shield. It looks like 2 quick strokes with a brush in photoshop and you called it done. The one in the concept has so much more character. Also, looks like you're getting a very small edge around the material that separates it from the base shield. Other than that, I second what people have said above about the topology. You've gotten this far, why not spend a little extra time cleaning it up? It would make a nice portfolio piece. Just a thought. Great work, keep going!
  • klown
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    klown polycounter lvl 11
    Moooooore texturing! Getting a better handle on Sub Painter everytime I use it and I think I can get some pretty decent results!



    Still working out some Painter to Toolbag settings but happy with how its going. Will throw the maps into PS in the next few days once I'm done with Painter to balance the colours and make some adjustments/tweaks. Thanks to Kay's Slate Tiles III, I threw in a quick base to round out the scene. The fur will need a separate go in PS, not really getting anything usable in Painter but I half expected that anyway, and not to mention the hair and beard! *shrug*

    @jhoythottle: You are right! the current emblem was a 2 min PS paint to see how masks work and I will go back and make a better one to match the concept ;)

    I am a little annoyed at myself for getting too caught up in getting something done and bypassing the retop which everyone was mentioning BUT I did have a rethink about some quicker ways of doing it and using some workflow experiments from the previous messy retop, was able to retop the legs and fur rather quickly :D

    Thanks to everyone for going on about the Topo and your comments, I don't know why I glossed over that, will work better in UE4 with what ever I end up doing with him.
  • K
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    K polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for the shout out Klown! Glade you like the material.

    You did some amazing work!:thumbup:
  • klown
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    klown polycounter lvl 11
    Got round to finishing this guy, came out alright!



    More pics here

    Next time I think I will make something with shorter hair or just bald women, realtime hair is a pain!
  • Dido
    Wow that looks great!
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