[UE4] Abandoned House

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Wrapped up an art test and some freelance and decided that I wanted to hop back into an environment. I'm taking it a bit slow, but wanted to keep updating this thread with progress.

I've been wanting to create an abandoned house for quite a while, so I'm starting on this older, abandoned country house. My goal is to have the house interior be the main elements, but plan on doing a grass field/meadow for the exterior. I've spent the last few days setting up the master material and getting the blockout roughly placed. After that I set up the lighting (though will definitely change with the final compositions).

I'm going to continue blocking out the kitchen/bathroom area downstairs while refining and working on more textures and lighting. I'm in no rush, so I plan on learning more about Unreal/Substance as I work. This environment should give me a great opportunity to push myself and improve my skills as an artist. I look forward to feedback!

Upstairs bedroom:

Upstairs hallway:

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