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MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
hello, this here's a model I have been working on this week during breaks from learning Unity, wanted to model the MJOLNIR Mk V armour from Combat Evolved. It was modelled in Maya, textures done in GIMP, and rendered with Mental Ray, Shader uses mayas two-tone shader plugged into a Blinn's ambient node to help emphasis the edges on the armour. when I get more time might add a basic rig for posing. so thoughts/critique?
Diffuse Map
Specular Map
Bump Map


  • Cglewis
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    Cglewis polycounter lvl 9
    Very cool! this is a very good start! i love that your hand painting the textures!

    but i feel your proportions are a off especially the hands and the feet.
    the shoulders are completely the wrong shape
    alot of the shapes just feels so small and shapes dont have correct spacing between them


    i feel the material isnt reading as metal and your missing alot of detail that even the original halo had all the dents and grim it had so much character in those textures


    i feel this is a great start and i hope your able to make the appropriate changes to really make this thing shine!
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    thanks, Ill definitely keep that feedback in mind when I revisit the model :)
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    tweaked the proportions, and heavily modified the texture maps, some areas need further tweaking.
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    current iteration of The Master Chief Model iv'e been working on, mostly jst to the textures to make parts of the bump and specular map scratches less harsh.
  • Cglewis
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    Cglewis polycounter lvl 9
    TONS BETTER!!!! good job i really like how you improved it the overall feel of the model and spacialy its alot better!

    but i feel your proportions are still off

    by comparing the 2 you see how the chiefs leg is almost in line with his hip, think if you did that i would really fix alot of things your torso seems a bit exaggerated but i feel it wont look as bad when you fix the legs
    also notice how his shoulders to wrist have this nice swooping curve try to replicate that in your model

    the material is tons better! but i feel the global damage is out of place it feels like you did a render clouds and kicked it to crazy bump and overlayed it on your normal, it doesnt read well and in some places doesnt make sense imo. i would focus more on localized dents and scratches

    but realy good update keep it up man i cant wait to see more!
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    remaking the model from scratch using the edge extrude method.
  • Trixx
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    Trixx polycounter lvl 4
    Looks great! This reminds me of the good ol' days when I modded Halo Custom Edition.
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    Did a retopolgy pass on the model to fix up a few areas, model is about ready to UV and after some thought have given myself a goal for what i want to do achieve from it. I have an idea for a scene that ill need to do a few sketches for. so far I envision modelling a covenant corridor, a SPNKR rocket launcher and some Grunts :)
  • Kid.in.the.Dark
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    Kid.in.the.Dark polycounter lvl 3
    Depending on what style of hand painting you want to go in... if you're going for the comical black harsh outlining style of texturing then ignore me... but if you're not then maybe blend those harsh black edges into the coloured diffuse... also if you're using solid 0,0,0 black for those outlines... don't... always use a black or white slightly off from 255,255,255 and 0,0,0 black and white, preferably in the bluish area for the shadows and whatever moody colour tones for the highlights (depends on what your atmosphere is like)... everything besides the black & white rule are just tips and don't necessarily need to be followed down to the tee... they're more like guidelines on how to hand paint those shadows and blends nicely

    Nice start, keep going :)
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    thanks for the tip Kid.in.the.Dark, only seeing the message now but will keep that in mind when I revisit the models Textures.

    Heres the current work on texturing the model.
  • Kid.in.the.Dark
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    Kid.in.the.Dark polycounter lvl 3
    No problem,

    about the damage on the model atm... the damage doesn't seem that believable to me right now... Like think about how the damage would end up on the body... how he would have gotten it, etc... A simple mental technique that helps you decide your damage is that you think about a scenario... e.g.

    This is Master Chief
    - What is he doing?
    - Where has he been?
    - What environment has he been roaming around in?
    - Has he just got into combat?
    - Where and how did he get hit?
    - Who was he fighting?

    Asking multiple or just helpful questions about your own work mentally then sets you up answers and ideas on how to go about doing the damage...

    another example...

    Master Chief just got into a fight with Dalsim from Street Fighter in the dessert...
    Master Chief would have things like dirt/sand on his armor, burn marks from taking yoga fires from Dalsim, parts that would also probably be melted from Dalsim's fire attacks, he would have very finely grained scratches on his armor because falling onto the sand at harsh forces would give his possible metal armor some scratching... the sand wouldn't scratch too deep and would only leave paint scratch aways... Dalsim maybe strehced around a part of his body and binded it and left a bit of a crushed chunk in his armor...

    U know that kind of stuff, it really helps :)

    In terms of the damage right now all I can get from it is that his armor looks plastic and that the damage looks like he fell off a cliff and has rock dents in his armor...

    Like even if your piece is based inside a space station... your idea could be that he just came back from a mission on a bug planet and that's why he's all roughed up... it all ties together :)

    I hope that helps (Y) keep going.
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    so after some consideration I wasn't happy with the results I was getting with using a bump map, so i decided to import the model into Mudbox and sculpt up a high poly model, polycount is around 400000 quads so ill need to go over it with a low poly mesh and get some more practice with transfer maps. for the wear and tear I was thinking Master Chief is on a Covenant ship fighting grunts, so most of the damage would be Plasma Pistol burns and scraps/dents via Needler rounds.
  • MrBFox
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    MrBFox polycounter lvl 4
    so after  leaving it for a few months Ive returned to this model, did a low poly retopology pass on the the high poly (after a few tweaks to the sculpt) and baked out normal occlusion and lassod a quick ID map to texture it in substance.

    I would embed the sketchfab link, but from what Ive read thats a bit buggy at the moment so i just have the URL.
  • Sketchfab
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    Sketchfab polycounter lvl 4
    The site update broke our integration here on Polycount, but it should be fixed soon. We'll provide updates here:


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