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Entropy - A Psychedelic Walk Through the Woods

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makoa polycounter lvl 14
Yo Polycounters!

I'm happy to share with you a short game I've been working on based on a psychedelic walk through the woods. I was inspired by a moment, awhile back, where I was walking through a beautiful forest while tripping on acid.


I remember looking around and feeling like I was on another planet - everything was vibrant and pulsing with life. I could feel how the trees, plants, water, and wind were all interconnected and came together like a crazy orchestrated symphony. And then I started freaking out cuz the acid was really strong.




Anyways, I've been having fun working on this. I plan to make a few more moments to experience, but I want it to be a short, experimental game - a poem rather than a story. Feel free to ask any questions and follow along! Thanks!


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