Anatomy challenge for newbies - idea.

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Jakub greentooth
Hello everyone,

I am not sure, but I haven't seen any anatomy challenge going on around, so I thought that making one for newbies would be a good idea.
If you look around there is a lot of sketchbooks where people post their anatomy progress and also, people tend to get a lot of feedback about anatomy in their character creation threads.

So I was thinking about making studying anatomy a challenge on the forum, where people would post their work and face some criticism that might help them improve ? It would work the same way as other challenges.

My idea is to make it a Weekly Challenge, each week we could pick a body part in 2-3 poses. People would post their work along with references that they use etc.

I am a newbie myself, so I know that learning alone is sometimes horrible, especially anatomy ;) Spicing it up with a little bit of a challenge might make it more enjoyable.

I wonder what you think about that idea.



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