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Hello fellow community members. After much debate about entering this I couldnt get it out of my head so I reviewed majority of the work...impressive as always. Sadly I saw my original concept posted and made poopy face, later that evening an epiphany struck me from my slumber and now I am here.....with a week left to submit..... gonna be fun :)

3ds Max
UT4 (maybe 3 since im more familiar with
I am doing my sons room as a throne room concept. Although I will start having troubles when it comes to fillers for the time being i will do his thrown and work out those details along the way. His thrown will be...

[IMG]http://<a href=http://s172.photobucket.com/user/shagz412/media/index_zpsu1kpvwzv.jpg.html target=_blank>[/img]index_zpsu1kpvwzv.jpg

I will more than likely just mimic his room and add/take away as needed.

Always open to critiques.... I will try and update daily but for time being crunch deadline is getting closer the longer I stay here.


  • shagz412
    So as an update
    bed_zpscp9hipgt.jpgTThe throne is done....minus texturing of course.... but now I am off to start filling the room. After much debate I will more or less keep the essence of what my sons room has but since I am a poor artist he doesnt have much.... enter the internet.
    This is what I will start on to eat up most my day and hopefully I can start figuring out the other details about what to fill it with..... once I find my phone usb I will upload a pic of his messy room to give you more of a feel about where I am taking this concept to.

  • shagz412
    ....on a funny side note..... Is it just me or do the photoshopped kids always look so super excited playing with their products or is it just me :)
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