3ds Max - change the default settings on UVW Unwrap

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Hey guys.

So I'm pretty happy with the UV Tools in max, but I feel like using the tools sucks. For example, the tools work great, but I can't bind some of them to hotkeys without a script.

My big pain at the moment, is when I put a UVW unwrap modifier on an object, it always has the following:
  • Ignore backfaces ON
  • Select by angle set to 0.0
  • Grid/Pixel snap OFF
  • Relax set to BY EDGES
  • Etc.

The worst offender is "relax by edge angles" being the default relax setting. 50% of the time it just makes the UV island spin around until I hit stop or Max crashes. That's a fun party trick but pretty useless.

So does anyone know how to set up the default modifier values to something more sane?


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