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Hey guys,

So I applied for a position at a studio and was contacted for an art test. I sent it in and was informed it was received and to be pushed to whoever needed to see it. Two weeks passed and I didn't hear anything so I emailed my contact there to let him know I updated my portfolio and was still interested in the job. He told me they were still looking at submissions and he would be in touch. That was two weeks ago so now I had submitted my art test a month ago. Should I reah out to him again? They have been adding a lot of new positions to their site which leads me to believe they are pretty busy. I am just not sure what the proper response would be at this point. Thanks!


  • ZacD
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    ZacD interpolator
    Asking every 2 weeks isn't being too pushy, I'd just send another email saying that you hope to hear back either way.
  • Add3r
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    Sorry to be that guy, but sadly the industry does this quite a bit, some studios will just simply not reply with a denial if they choose to go with someone else or no one at all. Sometimes a position's need will just dry up during the hiring process (have seen it more than once) and they will just cease communication with applicants or inform the applicants of the situation.

    I applied to 5 different studios when I was fresh out of school, only heard back from one, and it was an automated rejection email. Even worse than getting one from a person IMO lol.

    That all being said, I agree with ZacD. 2 Weeks is not pushy at all, a combined month without any word is really really pushing it on their part IMO. I say reach out to them, but stay realistic and keep your head up man :) Keep pushing your skill set and portfolio work, your current work is already pretty solid.
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    @9thKnight, if you think aboout it, this could be a lucky escape ...
  • 9thKnight
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    @ZacD, thanks for the input. I don't think that's too pushy but I know at work sometimes 2 weeks fly by me before I know it.

    @Add3r, Hey not problem. I definitely understand where you're coming from as I have had a couple of those automated rejections (and those of the humanoid origin too :D). I was feeling pretty confident about my submission as this is not the first time I have had an art test for this company and feel I have greatly improved since before. But that's not really here nor there. I just felt with him saying that we would be in contact was a bit on the positive side...

    @peanut, I definitely understand that. I have a friend already at the studio and from what he tells me, it has a good atmosphere so I don't worry too much about that. But I agree with you that in some cases, you may be better off.
  • LMP
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    LMP polycounter
    I did a test last year... I had to wait 6 weeks before I managed to get a "no" out of them.
  • Torch
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    LMP wrote: »
    I had to wait 6 weeks before I managed to get a "no" out of them.

    Its even more aggravating when they get your name wrong. "Hi Dave, thanks for applying but we've decided to go with someone else."

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    My best advice is to move on. Don't bug a studio about the position, and don't worry about whether or not you passed. You need to be in a position where a Studio seeks you out and you'll find that when a Studio is interested in you, communication is quite quick and you'll find things unfolding relatively quickly.

    Apply simultaneously if possible, don't limit yourself to one position in one location. I've been rejected on several occasions before, and haven't heard from others as well. For whatever reason is theirs, they don't respond.

    Generally however, if you take an Art Test. It is courtesy for the Studio to provide you feedback and follow up, which they should do.
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