SuperFranky's Fun Likeness Sculpting Practice

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So while I was taking a break from my current project, I decided to start doing something for the sheer fun of it. And the idea is to spend at least a few hours a day in between my main work to practice sculpting heads, specifically likenesses. I guess I'll try to post at least one sculpt a week, but I'll see how it goes from here on.

You can post critiques if you want, and that will be greatly appreciated, but I probably won't return to a sculpt once I moved on to a new one.



My skills are super rusty, haven't sculpted a face since October. So be gentle with me... or not :poly106:

This marks Sculpt 01. Let's see what happens at Sculpt 48 in a year, eh?

You can leave suggestions for the next likeness :)


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