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Knight of the Grove - Agatha Vanguard Set


This set is for "Agatha Vanguard" and will include a helmet and claymore variant.

I started working on this set after the poly count contest and have had some free time over the last couple of days so i have decided to finish it. but i have run into some problems so i thought i would post some of the progress to get your opinions and ask for help with this problem :D.

here is what i got so far:

But here is the problem

i have got the sword working fine in engine but i am having problems with helmet. this is what i get: 7T7yz8i.png
it says the textures are streamed down form there original sizes and are maxed out at 256x256. i have never encountered this before and was wondering if any one knows why this is happening and how to fix it?

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