Pixel Pirate in Bits of Eight Concept thread

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Alright dudes.

So I'm making an 8-bit style game, official thread with all the pixel art and so on over at TIG SOURCE

I'll post some of the concepts here as I go. So if you like 8 bit, 9 bit, 12 bit and 15.99 bit jump in and say hi. Any feedback welcome.

These concepts are to help me with animation and will probably end up in the game manual. (displayed here in chronological order)

pirate-5.png pirate-6.png

(ABOVE: I was happy with the way these were going but they were wayyyyy to sloppy for game art, and the character needed to be chibified anyway)


(ABOVE: the guy on the far right was drawn last and probably solidified the style)



You guys remember the Famicom DX right?


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