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2D UI & 3D Models - Space Strategy - Mobile/Smart TV

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Good Morning.

I am looking for an artist to create content for a mobile/smart tv space strategy game I am developing.

The work will involve creating the following components:

Pre Game 2d UI (Menus - ie New Game/Join Game/Continue Game/Options) (5 screens - static backgrounds, fairly simple gui elements - assuming base screen resolution 1280x720 (ie low cost Smart TVs))

In Game 2d UI (Menus - Research, News/Communications, Fleet Info, etc) (7 screens total - static backgrounds, mostly gui elements - a small number of more detailed graphical elements)

(Gui elements consist primarily of buttons, selectors, text displays, sliders, progress bars)

2D Overlays for 3d environment (1 screen effectively - (media player controls - play/pause/fast forward/time slider/etc - however also potentially additional overlays such as (for example) pilot portrait within a terminal style display)

3D Spaceship models (4 unique non animated meshes, 1 512x512 color map for each with 8 variations each (ie team colors red/blue/green/yellow etc) - polygon budgets min 300(smallest ship), max 1500(largest ship))

3D Environment artwork - planet(s), sun(s), moon(s) (texture based - equal or less than 512x512 in size each)

3D Effects artwork - 'warp/wormhole' effect (to be discussed), explosions(to be discussed)

As a mock up demonstration of the 3d component's 'feel' (no audio yet) I'm going for here is a video showcasing some of my (very) early development on the project. (Placeholder Models sourced from turbosquid).


Budget: Approximately $3k (AUD) (estimating 100 hours required @ about $30AUD/hr) (I imagine there will be a fair amount of reuse of assets in the 2d menu assets as well as the team textures for the 3d models.)
(For those who are used to USD I'm assuming a conversion rate of roughly 1 AUD = 0.8 USD)

Desired completion date of assets: mid-May 2015.

Project current status:

Majority of code is written and functional for both the android app and web back end.

Further graphical work is likely to be contracted after June relating to a small number of additional 2d menus/screens, and promotional material (trailers/advertising etc).

Project is aiming for a release of late November early December.

More details concerning the design, style, feel and theme of the game can be discussed in private.

If you are interested please contact me and we can discuss further.

Matt Lloyd

My contact details:

[email protected]


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    MattLloyd polycounter lvl 6
    Thank you to everyone who responded via email. The position has just been filled.

    Best wishes,
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    MattLloyd polycounter lvl 6
    Good Morning all again.

    I am just writing to indicate that the game is mostly complete and that I ended up going with an artist from my local area through someone I knew instead.

    All the artwork in the game has been commissioned and paid for through a variety of means (some through 3dRT, some through Turbo Squid, some by myself and some by the artist I commissioned).

    If you wish to see what is very close to the finished product then look at these two links:

    Full Version

    Free Lite Version
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