SOLVED: How do I add a UV map?

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Deadly Nightshade polycounter lvl 5
I need to be able to see the UV shells when painting masks, but haven´t found any way of adding it. There is no option for it under "Add new map", and I can´t get a custom map working on a simple fill layer.

Add clean layer > Dynamask editor > "More" > Import grunge mask
Now I have a smart object in the layer panel, and dDo is waiting for me to hit enter. This is all very unintuitive. The software is waiting for user feedback without even giving much of a hint of it, and even after you´ve confirmed the smart object import, nothing really happens. No mask has been added to my Color Fill layer - all I got is a smart object with a white mask in the layer editor. Nothing appears under Shared > Custom in the Dynamask editor either - does this mean that the grunge mask import failed? This is what I mean when I say that the software is unintuitive: it leaves the user clueless as to what to do next. It´s things like this that UX-nerds will rage about.

So what is the correct way of adding UVs so I can see where I paint?


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