SOLVED: Bug: dDo texel density power-of-two problem

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I´ve discovered something really odd in the latest version of dDo.
My photoshop version is CC 2014 summer edition (latest).

The bug is as follows: When creating a new project, you HAVE to set the TD to a value that is power of two. If it isn´t power of two, then smart materials get really, REALLY miniscule tiling on them.

I´ve tried creating a new project using the same assets - but with varying TD, and then applying the Painted scratched metal 12 to a section of my model. When the TD was power of 2 the patterns are sized as they should (512 for example gives smaller patterns than 1024). The TD values I´ve tried this on are:
500, 512, 768, 1000 and 1024. Out of these I got the error on all tries except when I had the TD set to 512 or 1024.

Also note that regardless of what TD you set, this miniscule pattern is always of the same size (if its not power of two that is). So 500 in TD gives the same results as 1000 - but 1024 gives correct tiling.


  • Eric Ramberg

    This is not really a bug as it is how texel density should work, I would agree however that it might be a little confusing that you actually have the ability to input any number that you want in the Suite, a slider would probably be more intuitive! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
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