Mat id projection help (3ds max)

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Max decided to reset all of my material IDs while I had a single material on my model, and after spending about a day unwrapping and baking AO I realized my material IDs were gone. For some reason my autobackup had reverted to only 3 saves every 5 minutes and my last incremental save was from the day before. The model has about 100k tris so manually assigning the mat IDs again would take a while and re-unwrapping would take a pretty long time as well.

This script would be ideal but as I made some very slight tweaks to the geo it won't work
I also tried to transfer the UVs but that didn't work either.

Then I tried using the projection modifier to project the IDs which worked for about 80% of my faces, but that still leaves 20k tris to reassign IDs to. Though it seems to be my best bet right now. Applying a push modifier to the mesh with the correct IDs made it marginally better, but none of the projection modifier settings seem to affect the results.

I realize this is a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any better alternative? I'd be eternally grateful...:):poly122:
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