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Tails Woman

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PattyWhacker polycounter lvl 7
Hello everyone! I need some feedback on this Tails woman. I sculpted this last year and would like to know what I should change on this model. Mostly I'm concerned about the proportions at the moment. In the future I plan on changing the face to look more realistic. I'm going for a tall skinny model type. I was using a reference for this sculpt but I'm thinking I must've used a reference that wasn't so great, since I'm getting the feeling it's a little off.




Tell me what you guys think of the anatomy.


  • hypronost
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    hypronost polycounter lvl 6
    Your base body is not bad at all, but could use some love.
    Pinterest is full of great reference.
    Have a look for example at the hip bone shape. Where it dips and where it extrudes.

    Same with the knee area.
    here's a good ref image I found on pinterest
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