SOLVED: IN PROGRESS: DDO creates 2x materials

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Created a base by loading an OBJ, matID map, normal map and AO and linked some materials. Result:
(The color coded materials are the ones specified by me in the MatID map)

A former colleague suggested it might be due to the file format and extra channels (alpha), saying I should go with PNGs instead. And so I did, but I DDO still creates 2x more materials than specified in the MatID map.

Why does this happen, how do I avoid it, and is it safe to just delete these extra materials?
I understand that materials can be stacked for added complexity, but I find this a little misleading. For example, I click my painted metal group, enter it, change the color to yellow and nothing happens (because DDO has created another painted metal material group on top of it).

EDIT: I started out from scratch instead of going with the automatic stuff, but there are still a few things I find unintuitive or misleading - sub-materials not inheriting the mask from their parent material during preview for example. Maybe Im using the wrong lingo here so here´s the workflow:
shift+c click in 3do on a color (say ray in the MatID map) > Synthetic rubber > Enter group > Click the dynamask. Now DDO applies the rubber stress stuff to the entire mesh before opening up the dynamask editor. I can see this in 3DO. I select some other weathering effect and hit done. Now it is applied, but is masked out by the parent material. The first time I did this I thought I had broken something.


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