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THRONE ROOM - King Frog Throne - Geno527 & JeanValjean

=> Edit/Update from the end of the contest <=

Hello everyone !

We are happy to show you our contribution to the Throne Room Contest !

A bit of background on this one..
This cave is where the tribe of festive frogs usually gather to party with their mighty king, who is gazing on the meals perched on his big throne above. Good times :) !

Actually we are glad to have been able to finish it in time, we couldn't just give up and wanted to participate in this new polycount contest ; because you know we love polycount :)

Anyway here we are, we wished we had more time to polish every little bit of everything in this scene, but we started late and had too few moments for it.

Hope you like it too, and thank you !



And the throne !




Hello everyone :D !

Geno527 and myself are eventually going to participate in this contest :)
Actually we were hesitating last months to bring something up, but the Throne Room theme seems very pleasing !

To stay on a familiar ground we picked up an amphibian theme again, this time it's the King of the Frogs, and a king shall have a throne.

We aim to create something colorful, simple and cartoonish in the textures/materials and modelisation.

Here is the last concept we did :

So it's a kind of grotto, with water for the frogs, an underground background village, and a tribal theme around the throne and the props.

We are going full Unreal Engine 4 on this one :) The king deserves the best engine



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