Zbrush crashes every time in 2.5D mode

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DerRazputin polycounter lvl 4

it appears I've found a bullet-proof way to crash my ZBrush in 10 seconds. *hooray*

In case you want to see if you can reconstruct this behavior, the steps are:

1. Drop to Canvas
2. Drag out new instance of object in 2.5D mode
3. Move Object
4. Drop again
5. Drag out new instance
6. Crash!
(7. If it didn't crash at this point, try switching to move mode, that's what does it for me if ZBrush happens to survive this far)

This is 4R7 (32 & 64 Bit) on a Win 8.1 Machine.

Anyone facing the same problem?


  • GhostBlades
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    GhostBlades polycounter lvl 3
    I have been getting this same problem with 2.5 D when Im making tiling textures...I drag out some tools and it crashes with no warning...no idea why? but best thing you could do is just save like every small step of the way...I don't remember previous versions being this buggy with 2.5d, r5 I remember was way more stable
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