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THRONE ROOM – Seomra na Heolaíochta – d3fstyle

Hi everyone!

I like to introduce my small entry to this contest. I saw every thread (a lot of time indeed) and this is gonna be very hard! and very exciting!

My idea is to mix Celtic art with a lot of improvisation :). I think the throne room as a place threatening to visitors but pleasant to throne owner.

To achieve this, I want the room follow these rules:
  • Throne's in a higher place than entrance.
  • Visitors see more angulous shapes and lights directly.
  • Throne sees indirect lighting.
  • Visitors see soldier's entries but throne doesn't, improving calm atmosphere.

So stop talking, and more pictures:


I thought three different levels before reaching the throne, each level with two side corridors for soldier entries near to stairs.

Visitors come from an anteroom, with a low roof, so when pass into the throne room, they must feel small and vulnerable in comparison with the throne room.

The room is symetric and vanishing lines converge at the throne.

For modelling I'm using 3DS Max and Inkscape. For celtic knots I'm using a great open source program called Knotter.
For texturing I'll use Photoshop.
Also I'm waiting to try Allegorithmic software.


  • d3fstyle

    I'm a little late with 3D, but here's an update:


    And here's how it look by now

    The most difficult part to me is with no doubts the roof, since I didn't like any version I made. I hope I resolve this soon enough.
  • d3fstyle
    Hi there!

    I bring some updates. I've asked for Substance license but it told me it's invalid, so I remain with UE4's material editor which is awesome as well (and I don't have time to learn substance, sorry about that).

    Finally, for ceiling I decided to make something simple and horizontal, with a basic dome for throne's place.

    Arcs are now connected:

    For doors, I made its shape in Inkscape and then extruded it in Max. Same with decorations over doors (made from converting into celtic knots the atom symbol).
  • d3fstyle
    So now let's materials make the scene interesting!

    I'm tried to use only one texture, but I needed normal maps separately since cropping textures is tricky and it's easy to get border artifacts. So now, I have these:

    Celtic knot is set in Red channel, and Green and Blue are for patterns to erode materials.
    Here's some materials using that texture:

    And finally some live UE4 screenshots!!

    As you can see in the fist one, I have light leaks in some edges, so I'll have to overlap the meshes in those zones. Some materials are missing, and also I have to put light holders (a lantern maybe, also with knots to let lights project celtic motivs).

    Hope you like my nooby stuff. No doubt I'm amazed with entries you people are making! I'm really enyoing this constest.

  • d3fstyle
    It's update time!

    Finally I started to make the throne. After seeing all threads (hard task indeed) to try making something different, I decided to put a suspension throne; and it'll be a 5 seats throne, thought for a council.

    I wanted to maintain the doors design, so they have the same side tips.

    Also, I was working on lights, so here it's how I want it to look like:

    Yes, maybe too green, I'll tune the color, but I like the darkness.
    Next post I'll show the textures for the throne and roof.
    Thanks for reading!
  • d3fstyle

    In order to get more texture patterns, I cropped two areas of the celtic knot of the texture so now I have different material for both carpet and throne.


    Now that everything finally have its texture, I can focus on lighting and post-processing trying to obtain something cool.

    First of all, I reduced green and improve lights, fog, etc. so the place is warmer and less dark. Also I tune some basic post-processing volume's parameters (bloom intensity, min brightness, DoF and fringe).

    If I don't find better post-processiong effects, these will gonna be the final captures for the contest.


    Another views:
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