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THRONE ROOM – Egyptian hall of the gods – 2 Artist. Jessica Bramwell & Russell wilson


So we started our Egyptian hall of the gods throne room about 2 weeks ago but I only got access to the site to post the other day. So we will be starting our posts now.


I created an art bible and shared with my team mate. We discussed more ideas and set out task for each other. We have now been working for the last week on our assets. I have created part of our first statue, Anubis (Anpu). He has turned out very well and I am quite happy with the result.
I am currently texturing him.

Below is a list of my assets to create and Russells assets.

Jessica -

4 x statues of gods (hopefully more if I have the time to create them)
I have chosen, Anubis, Ra, Isis, and Horus. I am hoping to also do Bast aswell.

There will be many tropical plants located throughout the room. I will create these.
A table with a fruit bowl

Russells -

Walls, doors, windows and general room construction.
2 water fountains and a pool, and the stairs leading to the throne.

Once we have created these items, we will recap on our tasks and create the second lot of assets which are, The throne, curtains, and other important room assets. We are having team meetings whenever possible.

I will post my next forum post next week sometime :)

Jessica :)

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