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huffer greentooth
I have the following issue - I have to bake some very low res maps, and I noticed pronounced hard edges with bakes in 3dsmax and xNormal, but near perfect with Maya. All hard edges have UV splits, always baked with a cage. After some testing this is what i found:


EDIT, Clarifications:

- baking with 0 padding in Maya, Max or xNormal gets the same result (visible hard edge, artifacts, standard issues when you don't use padding). Every solution to add padding after bake (dilation, ps actions) acts by extending the border pixels, but I still get the visible hard edge.

- baking with padding (no matter the value) in Max and xNormal improves the hard edge by a tiny bit, but the padding works by stretching the border pixels outwards, so they are the same color - similar to dilation.

- baking with Maya with padding (starting from 1 pixel) adds another row of pixels inside the UV border, and then everything that's extended it's a different color (as in the picture above in the different shades of purple). It's totally different, and this and only this gives the super smooth perfect edges (even at 128x128 res)


The hard edge shows up with the bake from xnormal/Max, both bakes with padding 4, 64x64 resolution.

What's happening here? How can I fix this inside 3dsmax? :\


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