ANSWERED: Newbie problems with DDO

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Jakub greentooth

I'd like to ask two questions regarding dDO, I am new to that soft and I know almost nothing about texturing.

Can you tell me how can I import an obj file as one ? I have a prop, that I've created in Maya and why I try to load it in dDO, it gets seperated to few "meshes". That makes further texturing a real pain. I tried assigning everything into one group in Maya, but that did not help.

Besides, do you know any good tutorials for a newbie that would help me out ? These two over here are great, but quite advanced, with both meshes pre-done. I'd look for something more newbie friendly. Like creating a simple prop etc. :)


  • pirate myke
    Make sure you export the obj file as triangulated from Maya. If that don't work, I import it into fragmotion and export it out as a similar name and DDo loads it just fine.

    I have that same issue with 3d Max.
  • Eric Ramberg
    Hi Jakub!

    In maya, make sure to use the "combine mesh" tool for your mesh, It can also be a good idea to delete history, and always triangulate the mesh. that should result in one meshgroup in DDO!

    Regarding tutorials there are a few, but sadly we are lacking a bit in that department to be honest, but there are quite a few on the Quixel youtube channel that you should check out!
    There´s also a lot of information on the Quixel wiki:

    including sample projects that are great to pick a part and learn from.
    Let me know if there is anything more you´re wondering about :)
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