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THRONE ROOM - Throne of inexorable extinction - NateAndrew & Orkarma

NateAndrew and I will be working in a team for this contest, we hope you enjoy our idea and any feedback is welcome as long as its constructive and whatnot, from what i've read so far on polycount there is brilliant community so the lack of constructive feedback shouldn’t be an issue.

Happy posting :3.

Project synopsis:

Civilisation as we know it has reached its peak of technological advancement and sucked mother earth dry of almost all resources. They had become so obsessed with technology that this led to there inevitable extinction, though technology was able to live on, most life-forms could not. In time Nature, which had been so compassionate to mankind, decided that the earth needed to be appropriated back to what once belonged. Nature and the elements discarding humanity like snake sheds it’s skin leaving only a thick husk of technology behind.

Programs being used:

Adobe Photoshop
Crazybump [normal map gen]
Cinema 4D [modelling]
Unreal Engine 4 [realtime engine]
Substance Pro


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