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Greetings, I think I’ll give this challenge a shot since it would be good to work on a deadline and learn something new.


Substance Designer (Steam Basic Version)

Substance Painter (Steam Basic Version)

My idea is an Authoritarian Zen like Throne room, lots of Gold and far into the future. I’m not looking for a massive throne room as a lot of things are done through E-Mail and online Galactic video these days, but when the time comes for dealing with matters in person, a show if power is sometimes needed.

My inspirations for this are the Forerunner art style from Halo and the realm of Asgard from the film Thor as well as various modernists Zen like buildings.

The objective with this is to study how the shapes are used in the architecture to create such an environment. The layout will be referencing the British Monarchs Throne room.

Disclaimer: my started a basic block-out with textures when the contest started but was side tracked with IRL for two weeks and a bit which made me have doubts to enter the contest. Assets are as follows

Basic ceiling
Desk (will be removed due to new ideas)
and the textures that are on the 3D objects.

Mood/Reference bored.


[FONT=&quot]My current scene as it stands in UE4:




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    OK, so it’s been a little too long so I better update this with all the screenshots I’ve done along the way, so far I’m trying to get out of the “Blocky” feeling I’m getting from the scene. At the moment I’m working on replacing the scene behind the throne with pillars to hopefully better reflect the type of character the King/Queen would be.

    OK so first off, to add the more Zen look I decided to cut a hole in the ground and add a stepping stone pathway leading up to the throne, which is now on some small steps. Sand was created using nDo to create a normal map from a basic tailing sand texture. Using nDo’s feature of creating AO’s as well as normal maps, I then plugged these into Substance Designer and used them to create the sand texture. Afterward I then created Rocks in ZBrush and XNormal to place around in the scene. Again the texture was created within substance designer.
    Afterward I decided that the ceiling lacked depth, so I created a new one and added a trim texture I created in Maya.


    Using Mayas “Transfer maps” option, I created various masks to use in SD. Since SD does not (as far as I know) have a colour ID option this did take quite a while. After I had created the desired material I started using them to help decorate the scene.

    Below are the screen shots of the scene. I am considering curving the scene a bit, but I’m not entirely shore it will work out within the scene as it stands.
    Next I shall get the door in and get that up to speed.

    Any thoughts and feedback is very much appreciated (since it’s the only way to improve and learn)

    Anyway, here are the screenshots.


    This is what I'm planning to change behind the Throne, it will have patterns on it, just a block out idea at the moment.


    By all means give me feedback (harsh feedback is OK so long as its critical).
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    OK, so its beet a while since updating, went to the London Polycount meetup and got some insight into the scene so far. Then went to EGX Rezzed and had a chat with the Creative Assembly artist’s on the Throne scene and my portfolio in general. And then as of today I met the lead character artist at Lionhead Studios, so more insight there too.

    So there was a lot of feedback from everyone I’ve met so far which is pretty awesome. The Throne itself will change completely, as it looks like a dramatic office chair, I’ll see if I can come up with something more interesting. Need to add some bevels to the step edges, and perhaps elsewhere as there too sharp, also need to add some ornaments or something similar around the Throne, not too much that they become distracting, but to add some life to the scene as it seems rather bland according to one of the CA employees. The stepping stones leading up need to be changed, as well as the sand as they both look too similar and the Stepping Stones need to look more unique as the tiling texture is showing.

    Also, some architecture improvements will need to be done, the pillars on the sides could do with a border of sorts above and below them as the patterns just drop off into nothing, so a border to ease the pattern off and give the pillar a batter look rather than just the look if it just being placed.

    The Door I said I was going to do was postponed until I have the main important aria done so that I have a throne to hand rather than something I’m quite unhappy with. I’m thinking a more Asgard look, nothing too complicated, but perhaps more majestic.

    OK so here are the Screenshots of the process.

    the end Pillars neer the Throne was created using a load of curved objects and curls and normal mapped onto a plane.


    Will need to bevel these corners... happy with the light bouncing off the back wall giving off a nice gold colour behind the throne.


    Moved the National symbol to be larger over the Throne itself.


    more of a close up to the Asgard style Back Pillars.


    And a final image of the main scene, I'll be adding a post processing box and turning off the automatic eye simulation... I don't know its technical name but I hope you understand what I mean.

    Here's my current lighting set up of anybody is wondering how I've done it. I'll have to play around a tad more quickly but its more or less up to how i want it to be.



    Also examples on how I created the substance designer materials too.





    And for the people wondering how i made the shapes, hers and example.


    OK so thers still lots fo work to do but its getting there peace by peace.
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    PlasmaticJj polycounter lvl 4
    OK so I’ve been working on it for quite a bit more. Did another lighting overhaul and added a post processing box to edit the lighting more. Had a very big problem with rendering out screenshots within UE4 after I had increased the lighting setting in the post processing box, so I had to take the screenshots using the old FRAPS way. Also managed to render out a small cinematic which I think brings out the reflections and lighting more compared to screenshots.

    Added in some “incense pedestals” as well as redoing the throne to blend in better with the rest of the scene, a better way to describe it would be for it to match better with the style of the scene.

    Here are the results so far.













    Also created a short video of the scene to show off the reflections.

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