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Hello everyone! We are posting this a bit late, but Sebastian and I both had projects that we needed to finish before tackling the Throne Room. Here I'll post our narrative and some reference images.

Set hundreds of years into the future, humankind has begun to leave Earth and start populating other planets. One of the nearest colonies was established on Mars. While the planet is not habitable for a large number of people, scientists and engineers have established research stations for gathering data into the likelihood of reviving Mars for large populations. During this time, Earth began to deteriorate rapidly to the point that humankind had to leave the planet. Some left for the colonies on Jupiter’s moons. The stations on Mars were deemed not worthy of continuing life.

All of the stations on Mars have been abandoned as the scientists left for Jupiter’s moons. The last occupied station was Epsilon Phoenix. Unfortunately due to a rare marsquake, the station experienced technical issues. A team was left stranded on Mars. The remaining survivors struggled on for as long as they could until only one was left. The last engineer was lucky enough to fix a damaged cryochamber. The engineer climbed into it, with the hopes that the last surviving human on Mars would eventually be found.

The scene is set several decades after the remaining survivor climbed into the cryochamber. The station, Epsilon Phoenix, has fallen into a state of disuse. Dust and debris cover the main room. The flora from the nearby hydroponics room has grown into the main room, reaching across for available sunlight. The cryochamber sits quietly in the center of the room.

  • 3ds Max
  • UE4
  • Knald
  • XNormal
  • Substance Designer/Painter
  • Photoshop
  • & More



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