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Rigging a Hat to The Face

How do I rig a model to move with the character's facial animations? When I decompiled the Medicmedes and Feathered Freedom to check out the .qc files they turned up empty, and their models only have the same old pelvis-through-head bones and vertex groups.


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    What program are you using to decompile models? Crowbar seems to decompile Freedom Feathers fine on my system.

    It lists facial flexes in the qc file and you can see them in Blender after importing the output vta file on top of the output reference model. Then you adjust your model's flexes one by one.

    Having a "helper" rig is handy at that stage. After weighting verts according to the actual game skeleton, you duplicate it and rig it with the helper rig. After adjusting and saving flexes with the helper rig, you can transfer your original, in-game, weights back and you are ready to export.
  • Orgeston
    Alright, thanks! I was using MDL Decompiler, and Crowbar does it just fine for me.

    This all just got a little over my head, though. I understand what I need to do, but I'm not savvy enough to pull it off quite yet. Thanks for the details, though. I'll probably come back to this.
  • eamn
    I am trying to create a hat for the Team Fortress 2 workshop, but to accomplish my project, I do need to have the projectile called "Arrow" from the Sniper class. The concept require it and it feels more natural if I use the standard arrow from the game, than creating one myself.
  • lbug7575
    I understand what I need to do, but I'm not savvy enough to pull it off quite yet.
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