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Hip Hop is Dead [UE4]

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jStins greentooth


I'm starting a project to dig into UE4 and get a little deeper with PBR shading. It's a still image focusing on the clunky old hardware that was around during the rise of hip hop. The setting is a dusty old basement with late-day sunlight lighting the scene. Visual target is realism.

The composition will be tight as I mainly want to focus on asset creation rather than the larger elements of the space. Here is a mood board showing the overall ambiance I'm after:


Here is a Maya blockout with the larger assets, composition and overall lighting:


Any comments or suggestions on the overall composition, layout, etc?

I started with a small asset in the scene, a cassette tape. Here is a marmoset render with the low poly, normal, AO, albedo, roughness, etc...


I'm moving onto the boom box first, the legendary Lasonic TRC-931. Here's some ref:


And here's the first pass at the high poly:


Please let me know if you see any potential baking issues on the high poly or smoothing errors. I'm going to do a final pass on the high poly and start the low poly soon.

Hopefully the full scene will get finished, but I hope to get some nice props out of it at a minimum.

Any comments or critique are welcome!


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