[WIP] Ducati 999R

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huffer greentooth
Hi guys, this is a WIP thread of a complete asset, a Ducati 999R Xerox version (with sweet decals). I'll be creating it for UE4, full PBR, and it'll be mainly a showcase portfolio piece.

Some of my technical goals:
- try to reach 32px/cm texel density for some ultra high res goodness, this means I'll use 3 or 4 4K maps (for high res version and .psd sources) and rescale to 2k or even lower for in-engine work. I was thinking of splitting it by: tyres + rims; bodywork + seat; engine + other mechanical; cockpit +other small parts.

- apart from the main maps, I'll have: a 256x256 tileable texture for the chain, a 1024x1024 for all glass objects, another 1024x1024 for the brake rotors (will use alpha), a glow map for headlights and blinkers and a small texture for grills and anything else that needs transparency.

- I also want to have a dDo pass on the bike, for some texture variants, like dusty, dirty, with smears, etc.

- 65k tris maximum, and try to figure out how to tessellate the low poly object for ultra high res screens from Marmoset

Any critique is welcome!

Links are dead, final renders here.



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