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THRONE ROOM - Ruler of Duality - Sekoran & EnvyNight

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Hey everyone!

I'll be teaming up with EnvyNight (beloved SO!) for this challenge, our throne (and it's room) will be present in both this world and the next.

Our main theme is Egyptian architecture but mixed with some fantasy elements, such as levitating cloth which holds glowing crystals for light.

The main attraction, which gives the room it's name, is the floor beneath the throne. Almost like a mirror you can see through it into the underworld, some things are altered while other stay the same.

Style wise we will be going for stylized realism, proportions on statues and so on will be more Heroic than classical Egyptian.

I'm currently a part time worker while my partner here is a University student, will be doing our best to keep up with everyone else! Hopefully we will both get some rather nice portfolio material in addition to work experience in UE4 & the Substance suite.

For this project we’ll be using:

Substance Designer / Painter

Can't wait to get started a bit more properly, mood board coming up!


  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    And here comes the mood board. Going to get some sketches going as well, been a bit under the weather recently :\

  • EnvyNight
    Hi everyone, just saying I'm here too and currently working on the concept. We've both been sick so bit behind on the schedule.
  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    So first real update.

    Here are some of the graybox (ish) things we've been working on. Lots of stuff is still beyond basic placeholders and several meshes are still missing (specifically in the roof) which makes it seem somewhat bare, but working on it :)

    Been feeling sluggish a while now, really hope to get the rest of the basic meshes done by the end of the week so that we can start working on the highpoly meshes.

    EnvyNight has been working on a paintover which will be done soonish.

  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    Not dead yet!

    Been working on the floor/walls, quick ue4 preview (with irritating light build errors included).

    Going to be posting a bit more during the week, have a few days off.

  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    And another (somewhat more timely) update. Most of the walls/architectural elements are done so can start making the fun stuff soonish.


    Been messing around a lot with the lighting as well, so time consuming and shouldn't even be doing it at this stage D:

    Decided to leave it with a single directional light until most/all of the other things are done.
  • EnvyNight
    Sorry, guys I have been busy lately but I have some sketches to show of the throne and floaty/crystal/lamp in the room.

    First one to the left is the small lamps on the way to the throne and the last on to the right will be in the corners beside the throne.

    Might change the fabric on the last one though.

  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    Getting a bit late without having started with my texturing, panic setting in soon poly142.gif

    Anyway, almost finished with the throne (certain bird taking some time), after that it's the statues and on to texturing. Main thought is to create a few base textures through substance designer and use them all around the room.

    Latest screens!

  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    Not quite dead yet, working into the last to finish it up!

    Sadly didn't have time to finish the statues, floaty guys along the hallway are getting finished today in addition to the cage around the throne.

    All the wall/pillar meshes are textured with a substance using 2 to 3 different grime/edge modifiers in addition to a base texture (also made in substance).

    Likewise the throne has a gold substance and a granite substance with masking to take out the gold parts plus some grime/edge modifiers. The eye on the top is just some UE4 shader with Fresnel effects.

    Art direction wise it's quite different from what we had planed at the start, wanted to actually paint all of the hieroglyphs but it ended up taking way to much time to mask them all out sadly :(

  • Sekoran
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    Sekoran polycounter lvl 4
    And the final post / post mortem


    In the end we didn't have time to finish everything we set out to do. The statues in front of the Throne got scrapped in addition to some vegetation for the water part in the back.

    Several texture tweaks were needed as well (mainly the walls), kinda wish I had made them with substance painter instead of zbrush. The main walkway pillars also need a remake, way to blurry textures on them.

    In general though, things went quite well. Alphas was a great way to create "detailed" meshes, although it took a while to create a diverse amount of them.

    All of the texturing was done in substance designer, including creating the materials. Used one or two reference images in combination with the noise/grunge textures found to make everything, worked a lot better than I had hoped and was really smooth once I got going with it.

    Modelling and sculpting the Throne itself was seriously fun and turned out much better than I had expected. Was a while since I last tried something of this scale, or well the first time really.

    All in all the contest was seriously fun and a great way to improve my skillset.

    Shot with a bit more overview


    And some substances, my Granite (throne & thingy standing around it), Gold (widely used!) and the Throne. Actually painted a bit of the throne (supposed to paint all the wall hieroglyphs as well... yeah) but that was scrapped.

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