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THRONE ROOM – Throne of Matig'asUlo – siraniks & jtart

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Hey everybody, we are new here and we decided to join the challenge :)

So here's our mini story,

It's an ancient lost technology of the civilization Matig'asUlo, they were once peaceful and happy with their old ruler but then he died out of aging, a new ruler emerge but because of his corrupted soul sleeping deep within the ruling system rejects him but his eagerness to become the next king, the whole system got corrupted. Everyone and its surroundings got corrupted, leaving the kingdom to fall into rotten, the new king died and evil lurks the land.

Where using:

- Blender
- Substance Tools
- Photoshop
- Unreal Engine 4

So that's it, we recently brainstorm and it was a blast. Stay tuned guys.


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