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supaclueless polycounter lvl 7
Well I decided that this contest would be interesting to partake due to its relatively light rulesets. Been winging my design for the most part and still getting a feel of my room as I go.

The plan is to have a space observatory room where the chair is made out of water that is levitated by the heavy machinery around the room. So the main focus would be hard-surface and having a mostly metallic surrounding.

My main goal is to try and accomplish a relatively small environment given the timeframe. I currently have an extremely bad tendency to start a project and stop halfway due to burning out so I'm hoping that it won't happen this time.



Will eventually post my references after I obtain more that I think might help me as I progress in inspiration.


  • hewitt96
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    hewitt96 polycounter lvl 6
    looks like a solid start!! dont get burned out!! remember you're having fun when you're doing this. :D
  • supaclueless
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    supaclueless polycounter lvl 7
    Some more updates to the overall scene. My next goal will probably be to flesh out the section around the chair and give more detail there. I will also have to do a quick lightmap UV so I can get a quick bake going. Currently the monitors seem a little awkward.

    Also playing around with overall composition and focus. The last thing I want to happen is to get a super busy scene everywhere and having the composition become one big noisy scene (it's slowly reaching that point :poly122:).


  • supaclueless
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    supaclueless polycounter lvl 7
    Finally an update from me. For a second I thought myself that I gave up on this enterprise, but life got the best of me through work, getting sick, etc etc. :) So here is an update.

    I currently feel like I need the overall flow of most of the shapes to flow a little more towards the throne seat as the large pipes on the floor are not sitting too well for me now. I personally see my throne now being lost in all the noise of other geometry.

    I might also need to start getting more of an idea of how the lighting would be like in this scene. The planet could be moved to be viewable from the front view side.

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