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Hey there, Polycount!

For my throne I'm planning to do a little underground pond filled smooth rocks, plants, a waterfall, and small pieces of lost treasure (like old coins or jewelry). The idea is to make it look like a small creature of some sort lives down there, and has self appointed himself as "King of the Pond". Because of this, I'm playing with the idea of the "king" making himself a throne out of slabs of rock and anything that happens to fall into the pond. Basically, a throne that appears kind of shabby but was still assembled with love. I'm hoping to go for more of a cartoon/stylized look to fit the overall idea, with a lot of contrasting light as well.

For inspiration I did some searching for rock fountains and actual underground caves, to see how rock is shaped underneath the earth. I also drew some inspiration from the art of Uchouten Kazoku, a Japanese series that had some really lovely backgrounds of the inside of a well.



Software I'll be using
✧ Autodesk Maya
✧ zBrush
✧ Photoshop
✧ Substance Designer
✧ Unreal Engine 4


  • BlackSkunk
    Also, some rough concept art. I'm still developing the design of the throne itself, but here's the overall look I'm hoping to achieve.


  • BlackSkunk
    Whoops, I forgot to upload these! Here are some simple block models of the general area.



    I've also been doing some rock sculpting in zBrush, so here's some higher poly boulders.


  • BlackSkunk
    So I've got most of the higher-poly models done for the most part, and now I'm just moving them into Unreal.



    I'm actually currently in the process of painting my textures, which was been going fairly well. I sculpted the coins in zBrush and then baked them to get the details down, but everything else is just hand painted. I still have to paint all of the rocks, as well as add some more detailing into the already painted textures.


  • bcarter
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    I really like the idea you have so far, and I think the scale works really well. It looks really lush with the leaves you have surrounding the throne. Those rock sculpts in Zbrush look really nice too, I love the style!
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