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THRONE ROOM - Haya's Halls - cataev serj

Hey folks!

A few words about my entry:
I'll participate in the contest as a single artist. I have some basic painting and sketching skills and a background in architecture and interior visualisation, but will make an attempt to create an imaginary environment.

My concept is about a hall, that was carved inside the mountain in the deep cave or a grotto. The ceiling will be in a shape of gothic vaults, and the main attribute will be the way it was originally formed - carved out.

As I mentioned before, I have lack of experience in games pipelines, everyone is free to give notes and tips in technical way, and thanks for your attention and critiques beforehand.

The software:
3ds max
allegorithmic ds/pt
sketchbook pro
marvelous designer

marmoset toolbag as engine

Here goes!


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