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Greetings, fellow members of polycount forum

My name is Brent Liu. I'm really new to 3D modelling and "professional" game design related works. I have literally none experience working under contract or professionally in house. Just want to post myself out and hopefully connect with people by working with them.

I'm currently working on a project and the client very kindly allowed me to put the assets on my portfolio. Thanks.

If it is not this project I may never have the confidence to come and look for real work. It's just unfortunate that I'm unable to relocate at this moment. Has to finish my college degree here. And this is why I post in freelance section. Momentarily I will still be focusing on finish the work with my current project. Posting this thread in advance for the future.

So here is my portfolio link and a few samples:

And my DeviantArt gallery if you are interested to see more:

I recommend visiting the portfolio link, if you'd like to read some details about my works.





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