PBR: Conflicting information on the web?

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According to this guy:
Microsurface and metallness is engine-dependent, while Albedo and Specular color values are engine-independent - ie the albedo value for gold in one engine is the same as in any other engine.

Is this really correct? Because I´ve found conflicting information on the internet regarding this. For example, in the unreal docs (https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/Materials/PhysicallyBased/index.html) the albedo value (base color) is 252 220 148 - or as floats: 1.000, 0.766, 0.336

But... Quixel does seem to think otherwise: http://www.marmoset.co/wp-content/uploads/materialref02.png - Here, gold has an albedo value of 0 0 0

Can someone straighten this out?

EDIT: Another thing that adds to the confusion is the use of the words "base color" when refering to albedo. Base color can also refer to the color on a specular map, as specified here:

...but as you can see in the unreal docs, "base color" and "specular" is not the same thing.


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