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Hello everyone!

I wanted to create a throne room, but smaller.(haha)
The concept is a throne room of a bugs society, that may live in your backyard!
My main reference is A Bug's Life!

A opened can would be the throne room, and the Throne itself would be made of little things found in that yard, like needles,thimble, matchs etc... (Still sketching)
I like to think that insect society thinks this "human" things came from a god :)

Softwares used:
-Substance Painter/Designer (learning how to)
-UE4 (for final Render)
-UvLayout (only for some unique UV's)

By now, I'm trying to create the enviroment, to give more life to the scene.

Here is a render (in Blender) of what I've done so far:


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