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THRONE ROOM - The Gamer's Throne - Waqas Iqbal / Robin Nielsen

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Hi folks,

Robin Nielsen and I have decided to enter this competition and make awesome art! A little bit about the two of us, we met at Totem Arts working on the indie game Renegade X (Which is free to download and you should try it) powered by UDK. Robin Nielsen is one of the Environment Artist whom has made a large number of the maps in the game currently. Robin is also working with Hourences on their upcoming game Solus. I myself (Waqas Iqbal) am the lead artist at Totem Arts/Renegade X and am currently working at Guru Studios in downtown Toronto working on a couple of 3D animated TV shows.

Good luck to everyone who is participating in this event!


The theme we've chosen is a little bit different. Imagine a lush majestic kingdom, where the holder of the throne wages many wars in a seemingly endless number of realities, through the use of only their mighty hands and the dexterity of their finger! One by one kingdoms will be conquered, as our game tags echo through the internet! Sounds good so far no? It gets better...

The throne is our enchanting sofa; the wars virtual, and the mighty holder of many kingdoms is us! THE GAMERS! We are masters in the many video game worlds we dominate, and we do it all from the comfort of our thrones in our living rooms!

The look will be more towards a typical north american style living room, complete with a comfy recliner chair, game consoles, and of course a big screen TV.

Software Used:

3D Studio Max
Substance Painter
Substance Designer
Quixel Suite
Unreal Engine 4
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