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Hallo, I'm going to enter this competion, I shall use zbrush for most of the modeling and try to use Designer and painter for the texturing, I'll render it in marmoset becuase its the only engine i know how to use.

the basic idea is a giant castle tower sunken through the ground, where only the highest part, the throne room. I imagine it to be very grity and weather torn, since I'm more of a sculpture then a texturer, I'm going to focus at ornate details, hopfully that will make up for my subpar texturing skills.

Anyway, good luck to everyone.

Edit: at first I thought I would expose the mud around the sunken architecture to point out its sunken, but I didn't like how it looked. So I'm still playing around with the composition. I'll probably come up with another zsketch to see what other layouts might look like.



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