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Hey guys, I am thinking of taking part in this competition although it is going very ambitious to do by myself :)

Basically I am going to do a futuristic style throne room, it's going to be pretty difficult but hopefully my imagination will flourish and I'll create some cool props to go into the room.

The story behind it is that it takes place in a universe where the future is like medieval times and they are on some sort of station orbiting a planet in a distant solar system. The current situation that the civilisation is in is that they have just had a huge increase in technology due to recent contact with extra terrestrials. There is an emperor that currently rules (hence the Throne Room) but things will soon change!

Oh and they will still be humanoids so that things like the floor, walls, doors, props, pillars and chairs etc won't be too far fetched.

I'll dive into Substance designer and painter for textures.

Use Maya and Zbrush for the models of the throne and props.

Then I will try and make it look gawd damn gorgeous in Unreal 4!

I hope it will be everything my mind has flying around in it and will inspire people.

Thanks for taking time to read this post!

Ross :)

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