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First thing that popped into my mind when I thought of a throne room was...

The Porcelain Throne. Its a place where many critical decisions were made and many strategies created. A throne only used by men that were worthy.

I don't want to just take a throne room and replace the throne with a toilet, I want to incorporate elements from your average trip to the bathroom into this environment, but give it a stylized look.

I am picturing steps leading up to the porcelain throne. Statues on the way up holding a toilet paper rolls. Then at the top of the steps on each side of the throne it would have a statue of a woman, one holding a plate of magazines, the other holding the golden toilet paper roll. I also want to put some hieroglyphics on the wall behind. Gonna try to create some neat looking pillars, but I'm still thinking of ideas. Going to have fun with this:)

Here are some images I gathered up for reference and a quick sketch to show what I am thinking of.

Good luck everyone.

Software I'll be using:
3ds Max
Unreal Engine 4
Substance Designer/Painter



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