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I know that I'm pretty late for entering this contest, but better late than never! :)

I'm working on a character based on LoL's "Annie". I loved the idea of having a pet/toy/whatever as a sidekick, so I decided to reuse two (allready rigged!) 3D Models - which were part of a private project- and mixed them with a "roller derby" topic.

WIP #01
  • added important poses
  • playing around with timing

WIP #02
  • added some inbetweens for the main character
  • tweaked main poses and transitions

Hopefully I'll get the animation (for the female character) done until the end of the week. I really need to get her movements smooth and fluent, before animating the little monkey.
*** The 3D Models were made by a friend of mine, who gave me permission to modify and use them for purpose.***

Feedback, comments and critique are always welcome! :)


  • JuleFranke


    What's new?
    • changed timing, ranges and extrems of the female main character
    • repositioned hands and feet
    • added whole ape animation and magical, teleporting circles

    What's left?
    • animation of the tail
    • full walk animation

    Yeay! It's almost done! What do you think??

    Hope I'll finish the walk animation in time. Already have some ideas. =D Feedback, comments and critique are always welcome!
  • xiang Liu
    I like the idea and the whole timing. Very good start. The starting pose of the little girl maybe needs a little bit forward and close to the standing foot. Right now it's a little bit out of balance. I am looking forward to your polish version. I have a question about video embeded thing, how u make the video play in the post, I am kind of new to this forum. i think it looks good if I can make it play. I use insert link for a youtube video, but it seems it can only have the link.Thanks.
  • JuleFranke
    @xiang Liu Ah... I know what you mean, thanks for the hint. :) It definitely needs a more powerful pose.
    A lot of users embedded their videos and I could imagine, that they're using "iframe" or something similar. I only convert my videos within Photoshop, so that I can upload them as an animated .GIF. It's quite easy to handle and really fast to upload.
    By the way... I found these tutorials, maybe they are helpful: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81882

    Hope I could help you anyway.:)
  • xiang Liu
    Thanks a lot, Jule. I will try to make it work.
  • JuleFranke
    WIP #4 - Special Attack


    (*Sorry! I had problems converting the large image into a gif animation.
    Notice: the attack is a bit faster and as soon as Vimeo uploaded the video, I'll replace everything.*)

    What's new?
    • added more weight to each pose
    • tweaked transitions and arcs
    • added tail movement (of ape)
    • erased parallel movements

    WIP #1 - Run Cycle


    Yeay! I really managed to animate the whole "Run" in time before heading to work. :poly142: I'm soooo happy right now. What do you think? I know it's quite simple, but the animation shows her most important skills: her mobility and pace.

    It was really fun to participate and to see all the amazing entries. Thank you!
    As soon as I've enough time, I'll animate more attacks and walks.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of you! :) :thumbup:
  • Newb_Kid_From_The_Block
    Cool rollerblading concept : )
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