Human Atlas 360: A Body Of Reference For Everyone

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Anatomy for Sculptors' Human Atlas 360 is a web-based 3D anatomy resource for artists that clearly illustrates human form and function.

Summary of Human Atlas 360 Features:
  • Simple, intuitive, web-based interface accessible globally
  • 3D interactive models: digital and full-color figures that can be rotated for interactive viewing simply by using your cursor
  • Muscle layers: selective muscle layer view and cross-sections
  • Reference Galleries: learn trends and differences in anatomy relating to gender, age, ethnicity, and more
  • Human Proportions Calculator convenient to use on your next project
  • More extensive database of images
  • Compatible with web-browsing devices on your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone
Kickstarter Page.

Maybe it's because there's that one other 3D scan ref build going around, but the Kickstarter's only got a few days left and it's... not looking too promising honestly, which is a shame because the app looks like it could be pretty good. You can look at a mockup over on the Anatomy4Sculptors website.

I look like an advert probably but I am not affiliated with the Anatomy for Sculptors team in any way. Just saw the app when I was looking for ref for someone and was surprised I hadn't seen it around yet.
(okay now back to actually doing art instead of posting on polycount oops)


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