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Phoax polycounter lvl 4
Reaally late to the party, but I really wanted to give this a shot so... yeah. I'm not really a LoL player but I've watched my friends play along with a couple of videos online. Anyhow, Two weeks! Let's do this.

I've been conceptualizing since last week but only got around to draw out what I had in mind and actually posting it. (Click thumbnails for larger image)

This one I thought of as a counter attack spell.

Caster absorbs idle energy floating around him (and any magic attacks flung his way) and concentrates them around his person, creating a sphere which gradually compresses into a thin but dense layer.

This compressed energy is then sent hurtling outwards in all directions. followed by a shockwave

Then impact!

//VFX02-Reality Ripper
The caster rips apart the reality directly before him, leaving a rift in the ground.

And slings the 'reality projectiles' at his enemy leaving other rifts in its wake

Upon impact, the projectiles rip through the target sending bits and pieces of the target into another dimension!


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