zBrush scaling tools randomly - wtf moment

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Help me understand this! Because its driving me nuts.

I'm working with scan data that needs to be very accurately scaled between different programs.

Lets say I have a box that is 1m by 1m. I set this 1m box up in other software. I bring it into zbrush. If I export it again, it is still 1m.

If I save a zTool or project, and reopen it, then it is 2.01234m

If I clone the sub tool, and append it back in, it is 3.19481m

If I import one of these incorrect meshes on top of a correct mesh, they line up in zbrush. If I import them together in another program they do not.

All these hypothetical measurements are made up because the amount things get scaled by seems completely arbitrary. It is doing my damn head in. Why is this happening? How can I prevent it? Ho can I fix it?

I have read other threads but I'm no closer to controlling this insane process. (Dont get me started on export settings. I export with the same value and they come out different sizes. I export different values they come out the same size. Except one time I export with the same values and they came out the same size....:poly142:)


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