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Hey everyone, so I just played my 9th and 10th league of legends games ever, after not having played for a year and noticed that a lot of the effects in the game go very quickly and there's hardly any charge times. So, my take on the intent of separating effects into 'charge, attack, impact' is not as exaggerated as some people are making it out to be so far. Finally, I think not having much LoL experience will give me a fresh perspective on possible FX, as I don't want to be too narrow minded with spells that are already out there.

I am also new to 3D FX :) and am excited to get a late start on this. I will be using unreal engine 4. I don't know what techniques I'm going to use for the different pieces so if anyone has any input or suggestions I'm all ears. I don't know how I'm going to record my FX in unreal either.

My original idea for the first attack is a light beam in the style of wireframe/computery/polygon/grid/retro/lasers stuff! I will try to fire it off as fast as I can without too much charge time.

Here is my basic mockup:

And here is a gif of the sequence:

Basically, a grid thing appears, pieces of it shoot brightness into a big mirror/shield shape, and it fires a ridiculous light beam out. It fades, leaves some sparkles on the enemy, and they explode after a delay. I thought it was cool to have a big impact-less beam feel sort of light on the enemy, but then hit hard with the sparkles left over.

My second effect has yet to come, but I plan on making that one less experimental (or more, if it takes less time). I got a late start on all this due to getting a new job and only just now starting to learn FX animation, but like I said, any advice and feedback is appreciated!
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