[Riot Art Contest] - Christoph Lehmann

Hi it's been ages since I've posted anything on polycount and I think doing my first contest is a good way to pick it back up. I hope I'll be able to finish it considering the time I have left but I'm hopeful :)

EDIT: it's finished :)





So what I would like to do is create a turret, that is heavily influenced by the Freljord champions since I love winter and love the designs of them. For the purpose of that I made a quick concept using Anivias wings, Tryndameres sword, the emblem of the freljord, Sejuanis Spauldrons and helmet and the ground spikes from Lissandra


I wasn't happy with tryndameres sword though since for the tower it felt to bulky so I exchanged it for the axe, that's on sejuanis emblem



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